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Feb 24th, 2019 by gorepc at 4:30 pm

Faith at Work, Mark Nicholas

Hebrews Chapter 11 v1 to Chapter 12 v 2

How to live a life of faith in the workplace.


"The primary action of the church in the world is the action of its members in their daily work."

Leslie Newbigin

Feb 17th, 2019 by gorepc at 3:05 pm

Surprised by Rainbows

Allan Eaglesham


This week's message from Allan is a little different and requires some listener participation.

Feb 10th, 2019 by gorepc at 5:24 pm

Faith is Spelled R.I.S.K. 

Mark Nicholas

Hebrews Chapter 12 v 1-3


Feb 3rd, 2019 by gorepc at 5:05 pm

7 Pillars: Discipleship

Ross Watters

Ephesians Chapter 4 v 1-4

In Part 2 of our series looking at the 7 pillars of our service as a church community, Ross talks about discipleship.


Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.






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