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Apr 24th, 2018 by gorepc at 4:22 pm

Bible 102 is a series of short sessions intended to provide an beginners guide through the extraordinary story of the bible. The intention is to provide the big picture story to help us grow in our faith in Jesus.

Each session ends with a group discussion based around a set of questions. The questions for week 1 are reproduced below:

1. Does anything stand out to you in the passages of scripture read during the session?

2. Is there a part of the Bible that is influencing how you live your life?

3. Do you have a story to share about that?


Apr 15th, 2018 by gorepc at 4:45 pm

Healing and Value

Ross Watters


Luke Chapter 24 v 17-27

Kintsugi is a centuries-old Japanese art of mending broken pottery. Gold dust mixed with resin is used to reattach broken pieces or fill in cracks, resulting in a striking bond. Instead of trying to hide the repair, the art makes something beautiful out of brokenness.

Apr 8th, 2018 by gorepc at 3:54 pm

The Triumph of Exhilaration over Fear

Alastair Dunlop


Luke Chapter 24 v 13 - 36

Stepping into the Kingdom of God, and living there. After his death and resurection, Jesus meets up with 2 of his disciples on their way back from Jerusalem to their home in Emmaus.


Apr 1st, 2018 by gorepc at 5:22 pm

The Jesus Kind of Life: A Universe of Gold

Mark Nicholas


Matthew Chapter 28 v 1-20

The final message in our series for Easter 2018 takes one last look at Jesus teaching from the Sermon on the Mount. 

Easter Sunday is an all age service celebrating the resurection. If you have attended any of our all age services you will know them to lively affairs where anything can happen and often does! 

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